Perth Portrait Photographers

Trends in portrait photography have changed a lot since the first daguerreotype was taken almost 200 years ago. Gone are the days of unsmiling people staring stiffly into the camera. Gone are the days of wearing formal suits and starched collars. In fact, Perth portrait photographers have noticed a trend towards more casual and informal family portraits. This new style of portraiture captures the personalities of each family member for generations to come.

It is not necessary for everyone to wear matching outfits but coordinating color schemes are suggested. If everyone in the family wears shirts in various shades of blue, it creates a cohesive look. Avoid short sleeves, capris, and shorts, because the bare limbs can be distracting to the overall composition. Patterns can also be distracting to the viewer. A fun look for a family can be to wear blue jeans and college sweatshirts from their alma maters. A large family portrait with several generations lends itself to each branch of the family wearing the same color shirt. Plus, future generations can easily identify each familial group.

Another trend that photographers have been following is the increased popularity of outdoor portraits. Many spontaneous and impromptu portraits can happen in relaxed outdoor settings because people tend to relax and let their guard down, which is when a photographer can capture glimpses of their true personalities. Children, especially, let go of their nervousness and inhibitions when wandering through a park.

Getting everyone together for a family portrait is not an everyday task. In fact, it can take much finagling and orchestrating to coordinate a portrait when family members live in far-flung parts of the country, but it is something that will last a lifetime. Perth portrait photographers stay on top of the trends in modern portrait photography and enjoy helping families encapsulate memories that they will enjoy for years to come.

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