Perth Photography

It used to be commonly believed that taking someone’s photograph stole, or captured, their soul. In a figurative sense, this is true—photographs capture a moment in time and show a person’s personality through warmth, expression, and emotion. There’s no better way to capture the ‘soul’ of the important parts of your life than with Perth Photography, be it your wedding day, your newborn baby, or a family portrait.

Many expectant parents plan in advance to capture the special moments of their pregnancy and the first images of their tiny gift with great Perth photography. These images are quickly forgotten as the hustle and bustle life of a parent takes hold and are best captured on film. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to have a smaller, mini session prior to the due date, preferably in the seventh or eighth month. A mom-to-be’s pregnant belly is large enough to photograph well, but not so large that she is uncomfortable during the session. Pictures of an exposed, pregnant belly will always be treasured keepsakes.

A maternity session of Perth photography is often followed up with a sitting for the newborn, preferably in the first few weeks of life. Obviously, an infant is only that small for a very short time and, in order to capture the sweetness of it all, time is of the essence. We have all seen the adorable pictures of sleeping babies curled up on a chair, nestled against daddy’s chest or even held in his parents’ hands. You can add a tutu or angel’s wings, if you like, but many new parents prefer to take these first portraits when the baby is nude to add to the innocence of the scene.

Perth Photography enters your life again for the beginning of a new phrase—married life, as you begin a journey with your mate. Perth wedding photographers are there to record the ‘soul’ of your wedding day for your future enjoyment. Some couples have opted to give their guests disposable cameras, to get candid shots and different perspectives on their wedding day. However, having a professional Perth wedding photographer who specializes in high quality preservation of these candid moments yields much better results.

After your wedding and newborn pictures, your family continues to grow, and as your family expands, so does your need to record these moments for the sake of the twigs that will one day sprout from the branches of your family tree. Perth portrait photographers step in yet again to continue that relationship with you. We are honored to have the privilege of helping create lasting memories for you and your family. Here’s to many more generations!

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