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Horses and their riders have a very unique relationship. Too many times this relationship goes undocumented. That is why Cooper Studio has begun offering something special in the Perth area does – animal portraits that reflect that special human – horse relationship.

More than just event shots – Many times, a horse and their rider are only photographed at equestrian events. The truth is that there are many more opportunities than formal events to capture the beauty of a horse and its rider. Even something as simple as a ride around the paddock or getting the horse ready to be ridden is wonderful photo opportunities. Sometimes just the beauty of a horse and its human simply standing together can be the basis for a wonderfully unique portrait.

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Horse Photography

Horse Photography – A specialised portrait session

Create a lasting memory. There is simply nothing more wonderful to watch than a child enjoying their first pony ride or their first equestrian event. Everybody who has ever owned or ridden a horse knows that when they are with their horse, there is a sense of freedom and beauty that can’t be recreated anywhere else. The specialty photographers of Cooper Studio recognise that beauty and that is why they have begun offering horse photography sessions throughout the Perth area.

Your horse – your setting – Whether you ride professionally or for pleasure, capture the specialness of you and your horse by setting up a photo session with the experts from one of Perth’s premier pet photographers from Cooper Studio. Their specially trained staff can come to wherever your horse is stabled or ridden for your custom designed photo session. When you book a horse photo session with Cooper Studio, they take the time to get to know you and your particular set up before the session ever begins. By doing this, they can suggest settings and poses or action shots that will best represent you and your horse’s true personalities and relationship.

Cooper Studio’s horse photography specialists know that it takes time and great effort to capture just the right look with professional portraits. That is why they schedule photo sessions around the client’s schedule whenever possible instead of the photographer’s schedule. No matter what type of portrait you are looking to have done, Cooper Studio devotes the same level of attention to detail for each and every client. That is why they are simply the best when it comes to professional photographers.

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