The importance of using a professional Perth photographer

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Using a professional Perth Photographer compared to just someone “from the family” as many couples seem to prefer due to budget constraints is certainly the best way to go. Why? Professionals have an eye for the angles and shots they will take and they most of all have experience in what they’re doing. They will know when to take the shots, how many of them to take and will also tell people to take certain stances when situations demand it for even more spectacular shots.

A newbie doesn’t know all of these details and will certainly take some average photos. And because it’s a wedding involved choosing a newbie over a professional may ruin one of the most beautiful events in the couple’s life. No one will want to save one or two hundred dollars more and in return get shots which won’t surprise the most vital moments of their union.

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Getting referrals

First of all getting a referral is one of the best ways for being let in on a Perth Photographer. Asking around coworkers, friends, family is a good way of finding out about people in the wedding photography business who might be well suited for the upcoming event. These recommendations are the first ones people can use in order to have a list of the potential photographers to hire. Questions to ask those who recommended some names is if they were content with the services they got and if the photos taken were also on par with the expectations.

Choosing a style

Choosing a style is mandatory when looking for a portrait Perth Photographer. Depending on the area where the person is living they will be able to look in the portfolio of many photographers and make sure they will choose the one who will have the most adequate and closest style to the type of shots they’re looking for. Some of these styles number traditional, photojournalism, magazine style, fashion style and each of them have a top of the line professional behind them.

Natural setting versus studio

Getting married and having the wedding in a natural space will of course account for pictures that are more vivid, livelier and will impress visually more than those taken in a studio. Pictures taken in a studio are always subject to the recommendations of the portrait Perth Photographer when it comes to the stance people will have to take.

This doesn’t actually fit the idea of a wedding where people are cheering, moving and dancing freely and should thus be captured this way. Capturing that level of motion and human emotions is certainly a greater way of having a wedding remembered. Nevertheless, no one is saying that studio photos are to be discarded, as they also play an artistic role in having the couple immortalised in a more formal manner.


Choosing a portrait Perth Photographer is certainly one of the most important tasks for anyone who wants to get married as at stake lies immortalising some of the most wonderful moments in their lives. Choosing a photographer should be backed up by a lot of research, reviewing of the photographer’s portfolio and also getting in touch with former clients and inquiring about their level of satisfaction. If these steps are all followed anyone will be able to find the best Perth wedding photographer to account for the best portrait shots of their wedding ceremony!

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