Types of Wedding Photos Available

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Many wedding couples are interested in the types of wedding photos available as your professional wedding photographer is finishing up your photo shoot. Normally your wedding photographer will talk to you about this before they snap the first shot because, you may want a black and white wedding or you might want some of your photographs touched up with spot colouring. Most couples already know what full colour is, but you have other options like high-contrast, high-key and when they play with black and white they will sometimes touch them up with sepia tone, if you like that effect. All of these options are available, and in this article we will talk about a few.

Black and White Wedding Photographs

Some may be asking why take black and white photographs at our wedding? If you opted for wedding photographs that are journalistic, more than likely some of your photographs will be in black and white anyway. Let’s talk about the reason you would choose black and white over full colour, and this really is quite simple. Black and white is more forgiving on everything whether it’s for close-ups, stills, backgrounds, different settings, or facial shots. Black and white offers a somber tone for the photographer to work with. The photographer also has less distraction with black and white, and they can work with lighting a lot easier than with colour photographs. Some people opt for black and white wedding photography because the picture quality is timeless.

Using Sepia in Wedding Photography

Sepia is the art of toning a picture to preserve the quality of the print. Many people actually like the colour tone it provides a picture and in most cases it almost makes it look rustic to a certain degree. A photo that has been toned in sepia looks as though the picture has been aged to a point that it even looks brown and white rather than black and white. This type of photography is getting more popular today and many wedding couples are having some of their prints toned in sepia.

Spot Colouring in Wedding Photography

Spot colouring is very popular, and in this type of photography they can take any part of the photograph and colour just that portion. Now this could be the dress, eyes, hair, clothes, trees, flowers, lips, or any portion of the picture. This process makes the picture look very unique and different. Some of the professionals that work with spot colour can create master pieces from a single photo, and enhance any particular spot and make it stand out from the rest of the photograph.

Full Colour in Wedding Photography

This type of colouring is simply full colour photography. With full colour photography the pictures can be touched up to the point they look completely different than the original shot. Full colour digital photographs are very easy to manipulate as far as adding something to the image or taking something away. Full colour photography is the most common type of photography and most every professional wedding photographer will shoot it.

High-Contrast Wedding Photography

High-Contrast photography is very unique. This type of photography takes a very talented photographer to bring out the qualities in the photo that you are trying to convey to someone viewing it. Many professional photographers prefer using a camera that can capture a picture in black and white and using a broad setting. Many other professional photographers go about this in a much different way and can work with either black and white or colour and get the effects you are looking for using picture editing tools on a computer. Some of the professional photographers are simply artistic when it comes to high contrast photography. The images look so vibrant to the point they are almost unreal. This is really a must see.

High-Key Wedding Photography

High-key photography can be done post processing or in camera. There are some issues with this and because of this a lot of photographers would rather take a picture in high-key rather than post process it in high-key. This process simply means the images key tone is high. Key tones are really the mid tones of the picture, and the process happens when the picture is taken with the mid tones set to high, thus ‘high-key.’ The side effects will darken the high tones in some cases and simply make more work for the photographer during the touch up process.

These are some of the types of wedding photographs that are available from some of the best wedding photographers. You will be amazed at some of the work that will be available to you once you decide the type of picture quality you’re looking for.

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