If you are considering a portrait photography session with a professional photographer, we can offer a list of photographers and services who can fulfill a studio shoot or an outdoor “In Life” session. The portrait photographers listed on this website are all AIPP accredited and can offer images of the highest quality.

Each photographer has at least 5 years of photography experience, works in the industry full time and has current AIPP accreditation.  All of this means you is that you are dealing with a professional and not a weekend worrier.

The type of photography types that are available:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Commercial and Events
  • Wedding
  • Baby
  • Maternity
  • Couples
  • Pets
  • Nudes
  • Glamour
  • Product

Portrait Photography

This is the general portrait session, it can be inside a photographer’s studio or outside. It’s best to include the important things in your life into this session.  In some cases it’s better to have your portrait taken in the park or beach where you spend a good quality of time or the place is of significance.  On the other hand having a studio portrait session is the best option – this way the photographer can control all the lighting and background.

Commercial and Events

If you have and event such as an annual company meeting, company social event, a conference or even a training session and would like some professional photos of the event, having a professional there will ensure that your photos are well captured and all the requirements are met.

Wedding Photography

A wedding photographer is one of the most important people at your wedding. He or she will have the most experience and should be able to guide you through the whole process. Weddings are amazing and they should be captured professionally. Weddings should be captured in whole, all the moments that happen along the way and all the moments that you thought that didn’t happen. A wedding goes pretty quick when you look back.

Baby Photography

Babies change almost every day, and there is a substantial difference from when they were born through to 3, 6 or 9 months. Having this captured and printed will maintain that special stage of their life for ever. Most couples these days commit to a photo session every 6-8 weeks and then have these photos not only printed and framed, but also put into a photo book – unlike a wedding album, these are smaller and have less pages and tell the story of growing up.

Maternity Photography (Pregnancy)

A pregnant woman’s body needs to be celebrated. Pregnancy isn’t something that happens all the time, so when it does having professional photos of your baby inside you will be treasured.  Having a professional photo to show your child when he/she is older will bring some memories to you and your partner, but it will also show your child that you cared before they were born.

Couples Portrait

When you meet your loved one, having a photo of the two of you will be treasured for ever. As time moves on, your relationship changes, as your looks do as well. Having a photo of your particular segment of time with your loved one will last a lifetime.

Pet Photography

Animals are part of the family and should be treated in the same manner when it comes to photography.  A family photo with your pet will be treasured. In a lot of cases the pet has a photo session.  You can hang a great photo of your pet on the wall and appreciate your pet looking its best.


Being comfortable win your own skin is not something that all people are happy with and having your body on display in front of someone would be feared by a lot of people. Having a professional photographer photograph you and showcase your best parts, hide the parts you don’t want to show, and minimise the parts that need to be reduced is an art form. Dealing with an experienced nude photographer will ensure that you feel right and also have sensational results at the end of it.  It’s worth noting that not every photographer can offer this service.


Getting dressed up, getting your make up and hair done feels awesome, and having this captured and later displayed in a print is a great memory. Some studios offer the whole package, or you may want to have your hair and make up done before you arrive to the studio.


Without a doubt a picture says a thousand words, and if you are selling products or services online a professional photo will describe and showcase what ever you are selling. A professional photographer will have the correct

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